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Default New Time Share Scam from Georgia's Govener's Offfice, Consurmer Alert

New Time Share Scam
Monday, October 26, 2009 Contact: Bill Cloud - 404-656-3790

Atlanta, GA – Your time share may have sounded like a great vacation solution at the time you bought it, but some consumers are finding that the monthly maintenance fees and associated costs they’re paying are not worth the time they spend there. Some are turning to services that promise to relieve them of their time share and their obligations for a fee. The Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs is advising consumers to use extreme caution when confronted with offers such as these. The agency has received a number of complaints from consumers alleging that they have paid substantial sums of money and signed over their deeds to resellers, only to find that the maintenance fees were not paid, the deed was never filed, and they are now being sued for past due maintenance fees.
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